Sell Color Masterbatch

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toner + carrier + colorant

The color masterbatch is produced by following procedures including mixing the toner, carrier and colorant evenly, extruding the mixture from the extruding machine and shaping the extruded product into granules. The product has stable tinting strength excellent dispersibility, environmental protection advantages, accessible storage and easier processing craft.

A) Electronics (HIPS, ABS, PPS, PA)
B) Cable (PE, PP, PVC)
C) Home appliances (PS, ABS, PP, PE, PU)
D) Tubes (PVC, PP, PE, PA, PU)
E) Sheets (PP, PMMA, ABS)
F) Films (PP, PE, PVC)
G) Packing materials (PP, PE)
H) Toys (PP, PE)
I) Shoes (PVC, PE, PU)

Mix appropriate amount of the color , masterbatch into plastic pro rata, and the finished product will be achieved after heat treatment by some thermoforming machines