Sell Colored Cotton Coarse Cloth BedSheet

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The colored cotton coarse cloth sheet is made of the natural colored cotton as raw material by the traditional hand weaving technique, which has the strong flavor of rural life and bright ethnic characteristic.
The colored cotton needs less chemical agent when manufacturing, that is, the harmful substance content such as pesticide, formaldehyde and azo is less than the similar products. It is not only beneficial to our health, but also reduces the environmental pollution.
The product has the characteristics of skin-contact property, moisture absorbency, anti-bacterium, antistatic and nonirritant which can improve blood circulation and sleeping quality. Meanwhile, the delicate and comfortable texture is convenient washing, shrink-proof, and fadeless.
Specification: 200cmW220cm; with the feature of hand weaving technique, it can be made according to the customer's requirement.
Packing: The product adopts many fashionable packing styles for domestic sale; the packing for export trade could be according to the customer's requirement; the unconventional packing is according to the order.
Optimum Order Quantity: 100 pieces.