Sell Colposcope digital imaging system (PK-6650)

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Combined with digital imaging technology and computer, colposcope digital imaging system is the newest gynecological examination equipment with clear image and simple operation. It has replaced the traditional examination mode. The minor pathological changes displayed on the screen provide accurate evidences to the doctor for the examination of erosion and cancer. The observed image could be collected, frozen, zoomed in and saved with the help of the advanced image and words process system. This equipment supports remote consultation as an effective workstation, adapting to the trend of digitization and modernization of hospital.

Major function:

Dynamic video process

Display the input dynamic video; real-time of freezing, observing, capturing, display, saving of the image; display of image in full screen; adjusting of the brightness, contrast, and saturation.

2. Static image process

Duplicating, zoomed in, rotating of the chosen part; kinds of image display modes, such as linearity, logarithm, exponent and balance; take note on any spot at will; measure the diameter, girth and area of the suspected pathological parts

Input, search and print the inspection report.

Extended-definition scene made by Sony, Japan, 560,000 pixels; 220 times zooming; cold light source compensation

Diagnosis scope: Cervical erosion, cervical polyp, swollen gland, leukoplakia vulvae and venereal wart