Sell Column FM Transmitter

Column FM Transmitter
* CE approved.
* High fidelity, stereo.
* With Digital PLL, wave signal transmission and reception won't be affected even in the situation subject to extreme changes by temperature.
* Full frequency range.
* Memory for last frequency.
* Powered by iPod.
* Charging for iPod with car adapter. (optional accessory)
* Blue backlight.

* Frequency response: 100Hz~15000Hz
* Separation: >=30dB
* Operating current: 20+/-3mA
* Transmission range: 87.9MHz~107.9MHz (interval 0.1MHz)
* Dimensions: D42.5mm x W26.5mm x H20mm
* N. W. : 46g (with car adapter) , 10g (without car adapter)
* G. W. : 73g (with car adapter) , 37g (without car adapter)

Compatible with
* Compatible with all iPod series
* color:
Black (1-1010202-0-02)
Pink (1-1010202-0-06)
Blue (1-1010202-0-08)
Green (1-1010202-0-10)
Silver (1-1010202-0-18)
White (1-1010202-0-01)