Sell Columniform Crystal Resonator

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This kind of Columniform Crystal Resonator has small compact size, performance and economy, excellent shock and environmental characteristics, it is widely used in electronic clocks, kind of telephones, game systems.
General Specification:
Holder Type JU206/308
Nominal frequency 32.768KHz 30~80 KHz
Frequency tolerance 120ppm, 150ppm, 1100ppm
Equivalent Series Resistance 30K(Ohms) , 50K(Ohms) , 100K(Ohms)
Load capacitance 12.5pf
Shunt capacitance 1.6pf 1.3pf
Drive level 1.05W
Turnover temperature +2501 50
Insulation Resistance 500M(Ohms)
Operating temperature -100~+600
Storage temperature -200~+700
Aging 15ppm
Packing Unit: 1000pcs/bag Consult our sales representative for other specification