Sell Combined dressing machine(ABD pad making machine)

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This machine is a kind of automatic function integration machine, which is developed by REDPEAK to meet market demand. The machine can automatically unwind absorbent cotton roll and non-woven roll, combine, make non-woven wrap cotton and folio fold it, combine X-ray, perm X-ray(or spray hot melt adhesive) to make non-woven seal on length direction, cut at fixed length, output, count etc.

Production Advantage:
a. PLC control program, the production is steady-going. Touch-screen control panel is easy to adjust parameter, when change product size, the length can be adjusted by touch-screen parameter, and width can be adjusted by simple machine adjusting. Easy to operate.
b. Modularity function layout, structure layout is clear, easy to repair.
c. The key part cutter is made of alloy tool steel, reliable to use, and the work life is long.
d. Automatically count output, labor work is decreased.
e. Labor work decreased also make microbe quantity decreased at the same time, the hygiene quality is increased greatly.

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