Sell Combo Fiberglass Bag For Filtering Aluminum

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Combo bag for filtering aluminium are designed and woven specially for aluminium diffusion and filtration. High twist yarns are used to control strand diameters and resist flattening or distortion under the pressure of contact with molten metal. Applications for large particle filtration for wash reduction include trough socks, channel bags, launder windsocks, spout socks and combo bags.
--Standard three strand for regular alloys in standard temperature range
--Four and six strand construction for long cast, aggressive alloys, slightly higher temperature range, or when more strength is required
--H-20 glass yarn for extreme demand and higher temperature applications
--Woven fabrics, offered in a variety of weaves and coatings, available as custom made pre-sewn shapes, with or without gaskets or wires, or in roll form
--Modifications can be made at the weaving stage to meet specific requirements
--Ease of installation
--Reduces turbulence
--Improves metal distribution
--Reduces scrap
--Removes oxides
--Eliminates spike racks
--Produces minimal odor and smoke upon contact with molten aluminium