Sell Combustible Gas Production Equipments

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Combustible Gas production equipments takes use of reproducible energy raw materials (such as farm crops straw and stalk) to produce cheap clean combustible gas freeing from pollution. Combustible gas, including carbon monoxide (CO) is got from chemical pyrolytic reaction after putting farm crops straw and stalk into combustion chamber , hydrogen (H) , methane (CH4) , etc. Which are delivered into home for cooking, warming and washing, etc through filtration, drying and storage with combustible gas supplying project.

The raw materials for Combustible Gas production equipments can be all the plant and living being wastes, and waste residue from industrial enterprise, such as alcohol residue, sugar residue, xylose residue, foodstuff manufacturing plant residue, etc. All can be used as the raw materials of Combustible Gas production equipments, which can solve the treatment, transportation and environmental questions of enterprise wastes, provide energy source for enterprise drying, heating and boiler, supply combustible gas for workers washing, warming and cooking, and reclaim byproducts such as wood tar, pyroligneous liquor, methyl alcohol, etc.

This set of equipments show the features of high gasification efficiency, bigger gas output and higher combustion gas purity, and its direct cost is about 0.04 RMB per cubic meter combustible gas, and the combustible gas manufactured by this set of equipments is the most economic liquid gas, and is also ideal green energy.

This set of equipments is our newest patent, and can manufacture charcoal, gas, oil and fertilizer all in one.