Sell Comfort Elastic Cohesive Bandage

Comfort Elastic Cohesive Bandage You May Also Be Interested In: elastic cohesive bandage

1. Highly twist and elastic cotton cloth
2. Zinc oxide or latex free based adhesive mixture
3. length and width can be made as required
4. Water resistant. Non-loosen as it sweats
5. Colors available: Skin, white

1. As zinc oxide and latex free based adhesive material, minimized irritation to skin
2. Provide strong adhesion with minimal residue
3. High twist cotton, provides strength for dynamic strapping
4. Soft, cotton cloth conforms readily to joint contours. Such as, elbow, knee and shoulder
5. Porous construction, permitting skin to breathe
6. Yellow/Red center line on backcloth acts as overlap guide for uniform application and pressure
7. Dry feathered edge to provide neat, comfortable application
Purpose for use (please consult a doctor before use)
1. Provide high level of support for joints and compression to lower limbs. -
2. Support strapping, fractures
3. Use it for muscle injuries specifically, banding the body parts like elbows, keens, and shoulders;
4. Ideal bandage for application over other dressings, as in the treatment of varicose ulcers-medically proved!
5. Dynamic/pressure dressings, requiring elasticity.