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Overview of Product

The Commercial IC Card Intelligent Diaphragm Gas Meter serial products are applicable for many different kinds of flow volume range from G6 to G25. They are mainly designed for the business users and users in the catering industry (food & drink business) . The serial products adopt advanced technologic solutions such as the CPU card, the ESAM safety module and matching intelligent controller to meet the requirement of industrial grade product design. The installation & usage cost is lower and since they are the extremely optimized, therefore, the best selection to substitute other products with the same flow volume range.

 Main Technical Characteristics

1. Its subscription charge pre-collection and auto measurement functions have brought about the gas usage & administrative control automation.

2. Advanced technologic solutions such as the industrial grade MCU, liquid crystal display device and integrated circuit have been adopted for the control section of the meter.

3. Advanced devices recommended by the State Ministry of Construction such as the CPU card & ESAM safety module have been adopted for its IC card to bring about the multi-layer secret code key management, which has, in turn, laid a good foundation for the security, confidentiality, reliability of the system data, and has made it feasible that the one card may function in a multi-functional and a multi-purpose manner.

4. Its large screen liquid crystal display can display in Chinese language 6-digit gas flow digital information, including information valve closed, In sufficient gas amount, malfunction, low power and fake card, etc. In addition, automatic calendar information such as year, month and daycan also be displayed.

5. Its large capacity lithium battery design and the micro-power software & hardware design have been adopted to prolong the service life of its battery.

6. Itsreal time clock chip designed in the system can record user accumulative gas consumption and the gas consumption per day & per month. can be transmitted to the gas company for analysis and statistics purposes.

7. Its battery power high-low status detection function has been designed within the control system for monitoring purpose. When the battery power is insufficient, the system alarms the user with the warning sign of low battery and reminds the user to change battery. If the battery electricity is used up, the valve shall be automatically closed and the gas supply will be cut off.

8. Its multi-fold safety protection function guarantees the safety & reliability of the system operation.

1. Safety gas flow limiting function;

2. Switch box protection function;

3. Disconnection protection function;

4. Electro-magnetic interference protective function;

 Performance Parameters

1. Working voltage: DC 3.6V (control section) , DC 7.2V (valve section)

2. Static working current: <205A

3. Minimum working voltage: 3.0V

4. Maximum working pressure: 20KPa

5. Display distinguishability: 0.1m3

6. Total loss of pressure: <300Pa

7. Inner discharge: <1L/h

8. Ambient temperature: -100~+600

9. Relative humidity: <=90%

10. Applicable media: Natural gas, liquefied gas and urban coal gas

11. Applicable pipeline pressure: <=10KPa

 The Diagrammatic Sketch of the Application Structure
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