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The most advanced and improved unit in China .
with 6 high stage process
a; aluminium static plasam filter(honeycomb style )
c; UV light
d; photo catalyst
e; activated carbon
f; ion

with 3 speed fan
LED color screen

Pollution sensor: There are odor sensor and particulate sensor which can detect all kinds of pollution in the air to control the working status of the unit.
7 Purification LED: It shows you the pollution status of the air according to the color of the LED: RED/YELLOW/BLUE.
7Auto alarm: There are HEPA replacement, electric static plasma cleaning and UV replacement alarm & LED.
7Auto mode: It is controlled by the in-built Samsung IC to set MANAL/AUTO/TIMER/ AIR SENSOR mode according to your need.
7 With power music and LED color screen technology, B-777 lays out its enchantment of humanistic technology.