Sell Compact Shielded Fore-connector with Silicone Rubber

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CEE KQTX-G-24/630 series compact shielded fore- connector with silicone rubber is molded using high quality silicone rubber insulated material. Innovative design idea and technology make it compacter than previous product. The dimension of
products bushing interface meet C interface of EN50180 and EN50181 standard (DIN 47636 AT36-630) .

Main Characteristics:
l. Compact structure and small volume;
2. Fully insulated , shielded and sealed design;
3. Small screen resistance, excellent insulation performance.
4. Good performance of resisting creepage trace and corrosion.
5. High tearing toughness and good flame-resisting performance.
Model Number
CEE KQTX-G-24/630
Power Requirements