Sell Compass--LED Full Matrix Message Outdoor Modular

Compass--LED Full Matrix Message Outdoor Modular You May Also Be Interested In: bus stations led matrix light emitting diode led
Applications:Airports, bus stations, railway stations, piers, banks, shops, hotels, supermarkets,
departmentstores, and hospitals. . etc

1. Solid state semi-conductor light emitting diode (LED) as light source.
2. High intensity, high contrast, even brightness.
3. Low power consumption and heat dissipation.
4. Super long life.
5. Wide viewing angle.
6. Display of various altering message.
7. Controls by computer of multiple screens.
8. Display of numbers, symbols, time and various languages.
9. Convenient and easily controlled.

Remarks:Customers' design/ODM/OEM are available.