Sell Complete Body Spa

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This machine has a reasonable design and a beautiful-looking, useful for family, hotel, recoverable hospital, sauna center and the amusement mill.
It with steam medical fumigation, spectrum, water massage, water shower, bubble bath, FM/CD, TV, Ozone

It is a good machine for you to relax after working and make you much younger. You can enjoy as an honored guest.

Technical Standard:
1. Voltage: 110V/220V
2. Hz: 50/60Hz
3. Maximum power: 2.2KW
Packaging Details:
Product dimension:

Product Features:
1. Macro-computer controlled. With LCD, time and temperature can be adjusted, it can sterilize to protect the environment. It also can connect FM/ CD/ VCD, automatically
clean. It is used for massage on the feet, back or chest or the whole body. Automatically supplies and drains water out, it can control water levels and temperature.
2. Head is placed outside: This is the difference from the traditional sauna. Putting the head outside is better for breathing, so it can keep you relaxed, respire freely and make you comfortable.
3. Flow care: Steam or infrared is absorbed by human skin so that it can promote skin metabolism and blood cycling to release energy freely. It can take the waste out to make up for the shortage of sports activities. Therefore, it can reduce weight and take the toxin out, clean out the innards, and increase youthful activity.
It can be used with Chinese herbs to cure obesity problems, and make the skin and body beautiful, enliven the brains and nerves and strengthen manhood and kidney.
4. Safety and reliability: The product focuses on human safety. Electronics controlled block and plugs are designed to ensure the safety and reliability. Output voltage is 12~36V, so you can use it safely.
5. Low operating cost: Once costs one degree of electricity, 1~2 kg of water. It is cheap enough to use.
6. Quality guarantee: The products are guaranteed for one year including free maintenance. We can provide after-sale service after the first year.

Furthermore, the models are designed for multiple functions: sitting, half-lying, lying, room style. And the functions are single, multiple and overall. Anyway, there is at least one way for you. Only if you enjoy 20-30 minutes daily, you can keep perfect shape and good spirits!