Sell Composite insulator

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Composite insulator is a kind of insulator which is suitable for using in the dirty area with the capability of avoiding happens of dirty flash, which will be the replace production of the traditional porcelain insulator.

Composite insulator is made up of weather sheds , core rod and metal end fittings. They have the extrusive advantage as follows:

1. Perfect advantage avoiding dirt flash: The weather sheds made from silicone rubber have the good hydrophobe and automatic depuration functions, the surface of the disk is not easy to deposite the dust and salt.
2. Strong corrosion resistance capability: The weather sheds of the composite insulator pass through 1000 hours electro corrosion test without any erosion mark.
3. Perfect aging resistance capability: After the accelerated aging test, the mechanical and electrical character have not any obvious change.
4. Strong tensile strength: The core rod is make up of epoxy resin fibreglass after extrusion. It can bear mechanical load and has a minimum tension strength at 1000 Mpa. That indicates the tensile strength of the normal steel twice and the tensile strength of the high strength porcelain thrice.
5. The metal fitting ends have a good structure and can be connected stably . The surface of metal fitting is with hot-dip galvanized.
6. The composite insulator has light weight and small volume. At the same time, it is not easy to be broken. It is easier to be transported and installed.