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Compound high-intensity composite wall material is a new type of energy-saving product. The most salient characteristic to distinguish it from other wall materials are high intensity, light weight, installing easily and quickly, durability, and substantial savings of time and cost. It could be built as standard size, and you could also choose exclusive shape to meet project requirements. It could be widely used in buildings, plants, cold stores and other mobile houses. It is a perfect construction material.
* Weather resistance
EPS covered with fiberglass alkali-resistant mesh and special stucco, make our products wear well and can resist the affect of rain, snow, wind or other bad weather.

* Heat insulation
The core of our composite wall material is EPS. It has the ability of self heat insulation,
It is really ideal material for construction in both tropical and frigid countries, it will bring you a comfortable habitation. The building which used our materials is airtight and vapor transmission is very low. That is more excellent than traditional wood and bricks. It also achieve the hygiene requirements when
used in cold store construction.

* High supporting capability
The integrated galvanized antirust steel construction studs for strength is prepared in the wall, our wall panels have enough supporting capability. We can use different stud gauge or spacing to meet your project requirements.

* Installing easily and quickly
In the reasonable span you only need to use L-shaped brackets or angle iron to connect with floor and roof system. There are connection-pegs or rabbets at the edge of each panel, it is easy to install by bonding glue. Our systems utilize a single, un-seamed block of EPS for corner or T-shaped connecting sections, eliminating joints at these crucial points that plague other panel style systems. Wall series is a fully structural, insulated system of factory made sections that are easily to assembled on site. Three workers are enough for whole construction, and only need 1/3 time. You can dramatically reduce the time to frame and insulate.

* Excellent strength and durability
Our building systems are EPS framed with steel. Steel makes an ideal building material as it can be cut to an exact size and will integrate brick and stone structural commendably. Galvanized steel provides lasting strength. Steel studs may use different gauge and spacing according to your design, the framework have already been prepared in panels, use our installing method they can be installed without other frame and make the building durable enough.

* Aesthetic feeling
The exterior of the sections can have mortar or coating applied directly on site,
or in the factory, or can be sheeted directly with siding or cladding as the project requires. They can also have stucco, wall covering, tiles or other different finish styles to meet your aesthetic needs.

* Wide applications
Our building systems could be widely used in exterior wall and partition of villas, residential houses, workshops, cold stores, civil engineering, mobile toilets,
rubbish centers, transformer substations, sentry boxes and other prefabricated

* Cost competitive
The Jiuding building system provides the strength of steel and the efficiencies of EPS (expanded polystyrene) at costs that are competitive with traditional wood materials. With the savings in construction time and skill base requirements theJiuding building system is more economical and faster to use than traditional construction materials such as lumber and concrete.

* Other
Our building systems have other characteristics of sound insulation, flameproof, low water absorption, mothproof, mouse proof, etc.
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