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compound marble not only for floor, but also for outsite, it can be combine with Ceramic tile, granite, glass, Aluminumplastic, A luminium honey comb, the common size is 300x300mm, 600x600mm, 800x800mm,400x800mm, agreement the biggest size is 2400x1200mm.

1 compare comparative terms of half-hollow stone and compound
a) high intension and Anti-alkali, the half-hollow stone is easy crack and easy crack as the split, the compound stone changes the disadvangates so you say, integer intension is high the half-hollow stone.
b) Light weight, Easy for Construction compound stone can be used for the construction method for Ceramic tile directly because of the light-weight, can reduce the crash-rate and the cast of installation
c) Small Chromatism after the natural stone is cut to pieces, the use-rate of stone increases in big range, the chromatism reduces a lot, it may make the stone more natural and more beautiful.
d) Enviromeat-protection cast save price-reduction cast-save price reduction, can reduce the stone material mining and protect the natural. Since the unit weight is light, the cast of transportation and transition deduces greatly. In general, the price is much lower than the same variety, and also enjoy the natural stone art the same time.
2 product advantage
a) Anti Erosion test result: no change from 2H teting immersed in 2%hcl solution, , no change from 2H testing immersed in saturated CA(OH)2 solution.
b) Light Weight 2/3 the weight of pure marble.
c) Easy to constuct Convenient to install and maintian, can also be installed by dry hanging.
d) Fire-retardant under the standard of GB8624-1997, this product conforms to GB8642-B1 level.
e) Sound and heat intulation using two difference materals, conduction of sound and heat is greatty reduced.
f) Damp-proof an advanced finishing technique prevents colour fading. There will be no deformation in humidity.
g) High strength Elongation strength, fiexure strength and shear strength meet national requirements, ensuring flatness even under high pressures.
h) Environmrntally friendly this ultra-thin composition of marble greatly minimized the radiation of normal marble.
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