Sell Compression Gland Packing Seals

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Our compression gland packing seals include PTFE packing with or without oil, PTFE multi-filament packing, Expanded PTFE round stem & valve rod, (GFO) black PTFE packing, carbon fiber packing, flexible graphite packing, graphite packing with inconel wire, Kevlar packing, PTFE packing with Kevlar corner, GFO with Kevlar corner, Ramie packing, Acrylic packing with PTFE, Acrylic packing with graphite, Acrylic Nitrile packing, asbestos packing with PTFE, asbestos packing with graphite, asbestos rope, fiber glass packing, ceramic fiber rope, etc.

For instance:
PTFE packing with oil It is a braided packing made of pure P. T. F. E. thin yarns fiber which is impregnated piece by piece, and is treated with a special inert lubricant . It is a very plastic packing Under a minimum pressure of the stuffing box, it keeps unchanged in the long run. The low friction coefficient prevents the surface of the shaft from forming heat even in the presence of high peripheral speeds. It is suitable for high-concentrated chemical products, strongly aggressive and oxidative. Temperature: 2600C Pressure: 0 -4 MPa PH range: 0 - 14 Density: 1.4 - 1.6g/cm3 Velocity: 0 - 20 MPa

GFO (Balck PTFE) packing PTFE graphite fiber braided packing consists of PTFE yarn containing graphite panicles. Because in this kind of composite material, both PTFE and graphite have good self-lubrication property, so the products have very low friction factor and good self-lubrication property too. Thus, axles of machinery will not be scratched and the cost for changing axle sleeves will be decreased to a great extent. Owing to good heat conductivity of graphite, working temperature of packing can be increased , hence the working life will be longer. Furthermore, they almost suit to all of chemical media. These packing are widely applied to sealing at operating places where contamination is not permitted, for example, for sealing of pumps, valves, flanges in equipment of foodstuff, pharmaceutic, wine-making, petroleum, chemical, power, paper making, printing and dyeing industries Temperature: -260~ 280 0C line speed: 2 - 15m/s Pressure: 15 MPa PH: 0 - 14