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FN Series Compressor
1. Good start capacity
2. High efficiency, Low power expenditure
3. Wear well at high environment temperature
4. Adapt in 40Hz power
5. Easy to amend, low expense

A/C Compressor
Specification of compressors
1. application scope: room air conditioners
2. rated voltage/frequency/phase: 220-240V/50hz/1
3. refrigerant : R22
4. rage of ambient temperature: -5~43?
5. range of evaporating temperature: 45~65?6. working capacity : 22.6CM3/rev
7. rated capacity "3850w(220V)
8. motor input power : 1280w(220V)
9. running current : 5.5A (220V)
10. EER: 3.3 W/W
11. working conditions: NOMINAL OVERLOAD
evaporating temperature 7.2 10.0
condensing temperature 54.4 65.8
super-coding temperature 8.3 5
suction gas temperature 35.0 18.0
ambient temperature 35.0 25.0
21. specific performance
A. temperature of motor winding: 130? max
B. vibration: 40M/S2 max
C. noise: 55Db(A) max
E. Mechanical strength pressure: 10.5mpa
F. Insulation resistance: >=30MOM
G. Electric strength : 1500V
H. Residual moisture: 200mg max
I. Residual impurity: 40mg max
12. operating conditions
A. start-up voltage( min) : 58% of rated voltage
B. running voltage range:+/-10% of rated voltage
C. when the compressor has been installed into the refrigerating system, it should remain perpendicular to the leveling floor with max inclination no more than 50
D. the period of turning down and restarting the compressor should be more than 3 minutes
E. the residual moisture in the refrigerating system(not include the compressor ) should not exceed 60ppm, the residual impurity in the refrigerating system( not include the compressor) should not exceed 20mg
F. the filling amount of refrigerant should not 1250g
G. when the electric container cap is installed, the nut screw moment is 1.8N. m
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FN Series Compressor
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220V , 50HZ
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