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OptiMax is especially designed for today's high tech Optical, Electronic and Computer driven world. OptiMax "Cleans Atomically" That means anything left after cleaning the surface area is at or below the level of one moleucle. Consider:
. . . OptiMax is safe for all coated and non-coated lenses on Cameras, Telescopes, Binoculars, Laser(CD/DVD) , all eyeglasses, Scopes and Night Vision Goggles.
. . . OptiMax removes all static, keeping the surface clean longer. Less cleaning time and better results on all Monitors, LCD Screens, iPods, Laptops, TV's, Flat Screens, Stainless, Acrylic, Glass, and Whiteboards.
. . . OptiMax is non-conductive to 1.5 M Ohms per CM. It will safely clean your Keyboards, Instrument Panels, Games, Portable Players, Tape Decks and more.
. . . OptiMax is completely non-toxic, child safe, non-streaking, residue free, all natural and organic. Manufactured in a class 100 clean room. Contains no V. O. C's(Volatile Organic Compounds) , Alcohol Ammonia or any toxic chemicals.
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