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THES-ZD331-based controller is the embroidery machine ping the spread of computer-based product configuration, the system uses a 5.7 "small panel color display, CPU using Intel's 80 series of industrial-class processors, and dual-CPU technology, data more processing power, performance more reliable than the stability of similar products. the system control circuit used in a number of new technologies, and dual modular CPLD design and large capacity FLASH memory technology, through the application of advanced circuit design technology, which greatly improve the overall system control and stability, is currently the most widely used products. quality control in the embroidery, the system uses a dynamic optimization algorithm box curve, making the quality of embroidery machines with comparable imports. This is a high-quality, stable performance of the mid-level embroidery machine embroidery control system.

Display: 5.7 "color display
Cut-line: shear line solenoid / motor cut line
Hook-line: Electromagnet hook line / electric hook-line
Spindle drive: variable frequency / servo
Embroidery frame drive: three-phase sub -
Language interface: Chinese / English
Synchronized input: floppy / USB / Serial Communication / Network
Driver-for-color: stepper motor / single-phase motor
Positioning-for-color: Hall Location / potentiometer positioning / Direct-directed position digital display
Power supply: single-phase 220V / three-phase 380V
Spindle Speed: up to 1200rpm
Password protection: The password-protected system and the parameters
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