Sell Computerized High Speed Rotogravure Printing Press

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RTL-C series adopt the most advanced top close ring vector transferring automatic control system to control the seven motors, vertical automatic color register system, four-segment close ring tension control, non-shaft pneumatic pressure plate cylinder installation, touching-screen operation, automatic pre-sleeve, the diameter of new material tested automatically, the sequence roller pressing, and lifting together etc. personalized design to make the operation more convenient, it is a kind of newly advanced machine at present, beautiful appearance, advanced structure, perfect device.
Performance and Characteristics:
Model: RTL-C850/1050/1250
1. Max. Width of base material: 850mm/1050mm/1250mm
2. Max. Mechanical speed: 220m/min
3. Max. Printing speed 180m/min
4. Diameter of printing cylinder: 120mm-280mm
5. Printing length: 380mm-880mm
6. Color register precision: vertical automatic 10.10mm
Horizontal manual 10.10mm
7. Max. Diameter of rewinding: 600mm
8. Independent unwinding and rewinding shelf: Double working station, electric revolving type
9. Scope of scraper horizontal movement: 8mm
10. Method of conveying ink: Film-block air pump, Recycling ink supply
11. Press pressure: 500kg Full width
12. Scope of tension control: 230kg Full width
13. Material feeding and collecting: high speed and non-stop feeding and collecting material automatically
14. Diameter of paper core: inner 76mm external 92mm
15. Drying method: electric heating
16. Minimum pressure of air source: 0.6MPa
17. Minimum water pressure: 0.2MPa
18. Total motors power: 56kw (Not including electric heating)
19. Overall dimension(LWWWH) : 17000mmW4200mmW2900mm
20, Weight: 35T
Base Materials:
Polypropylene film: OPP BOPP CPP 1560um
Polyester Film: PET 2060um
Nylon membrane: Nylon 1560um
Cellophane: PVC/ PO /PVPC 4070um
Glassine: PVC/ PO /PVPC 2030um
PE: 40100um