Sell Computerized High Speed Rotogravure Printing Press

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RTL-C series adopt the most advanced top close ring vector transferring automatic control system to finish the seven engines of the whole control, vertical automatic control, four-segment close ring tension control, on-shaft air pressure offset, transferring the ink power by roller, touching-screen man-machine operation, automatic pre-sleeve, the diameter of new material tested automatically, the sequence roller pressing, and lifting together etc. personalized design to make the operation more convenient, it is a kind of newly advanced machine at present, beautiful appearance, advanced structure, perfect device.
Performance and Characteristics:
1, Max. base material width 850mm/1050mm/1250mm
2, The maximum speed machines 220m/min
3, The maximum printing speed 180m/min
4, Indian version diameter, the length of printing 120mm280mm/380mm880mm
5, Registration Precision Auto prospective longitudinal accuracy 10.10mm
Auto prospective horizontal accuracy 10.10mm
6, Volume largest volumes expected Drive 600mm
7, Independent unwinding and rewinding shelf Double working station, electric revolving type
8, Squeegee knife lateral movement of individual motor 8mm
9, Forms for Mexico Roller ink supply, Film-block air pump, Recycling ink supply
10, Miniature power 500kg Full width
11, Tension control 230kg Full width
12, Hen tape CD Volume accept automatic retractable CD
13, Volume paper Core materials and fittings form Diameter 76mm Diameter92mm Gas accounts axis Expansion
14, Dry form Heating (Note: Users to purchase gas stoves and steam)
15, Minimum pressure gas source 0.6MPa
16, Minimum water pressure 0.2MPa
17, Pigment printing 850Models 8 Color(Standard chromatic)
18, General Motors Power 78kw(Not including electric heating)
19, Overall Dimension(LWWWH) 18000mmW4800mmW3300mm
20, Weight 45T

Print materials:
Polypropylene film OPP, BOPP, CPP 1560um
Polyester Film PET 1260um
Nylon membrane Nylon 1560um
Cellophane PVC/ PO /PVPC 3570um
Glassine PVC/ PO /PVPC 2030um
PE 40100um