Sell Computerized L Type Heat and Shrink Packaging Machine

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Applicability: packing pharmaceutical, food, stationery, cosmetic,
electronic products, toys

1) Adopts PLC program controlling and man-machine interface
2) Totally enclosed packing type
3) Feeding, wrapping, bag-making, seal-cutting, collecting waste, neatening, shrinking and packaging are finished in one process automatically
4) Constant temperature superfine aluminum alloy sealing blade, anti-stickiness, slight sealing, non-coking, non-smoking and unpolluted
5) The blade resiles while cutting objects
6) Can adjust packing sizes without changing molds when changing packing objects
7) Conveyor belt covers with adiabatic tubes, so as not to scald and damage film
8) The dual hot-air cycling temperature in the shrinking chamber can be adjusted optionally
9) Conveyor motor adopts electronic stepless speed regulation technology, and with long lifetime and low noise

1) Power supply: 380V 50Hz
2) Power: 7kW
3) Max. conveying speed: 10m/min
4) Max. packing size (W x H) : 400 x 320mm
5) Overall dimensions: 1,600 x 600 x 1,260mm
6) Weight: 200kg
7) Main material: stainless steel

1) Power supply: 220V 50Hz
2) Power: 1.25kW
3) Max. packing size: 560 x 400 x 125mm
4) Max. packing speed: 35bags/min
5) Air pressure: 0.5MPa
6) Overall dimensions: 1,500 x 770 x 1,450mm
7) Weight: 350kg
8) Main material: stainless steel
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