Sell Computerized Multi-Needle Non-Shuttle Quilting Machine

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Multi-needle non-shuttle quilting machine
Needle row: Four
Needle width: 90 inch (2286mm)
Needle interval: 1 inch (25.4mm)
Needle interval: 3inch (76.2mm) , 4 inch (101.6mm) , 6 inch (152.4mm) , 7 inch (177.8mm)
Layout: Auto front fabric forwarding frame, advanced back wind-up
Function Quilting width: 98 inch (2500mm)
Max. Working width: 24 inch (609.6mm)
Max. Tack & jump diameter: 24 inch (609.6mm)
Needle speed: 1000r/Min
Parameter Output: 380V 3P/50Hz 15KW
Weight: 11000kg
Needle type: German Groz 794: 180#(24) , 160#(23) , 140#(21) , 120#(19) , or German SNF needle