Sell Computerized high-frequency ventilator for infant

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This is a ventilation device for infant with novel structure and good performance, and chooses opening ventilation mode with high frequency and little tidal volume, so the airway pressure is low. The dispersing function of oxygen is strong, which is suited for ventilation management and treatment of infant and is widely used in child hospital, pediatrics and ICU sickroom.
* The tidal air can letout with constant pressure, constant current or accurately adjustable flow.
* Opening ventilation, opening intubation makes it not need casing bag, little resistance as expiration is suited for the ventilation management of infant.
* Evident effectiveness of treating ARDS can be shown with inserting small tube and jetting oxygen through nasal vestibule, which is secure and doesn't cause pressure mound easily.
* Streamer displays driving pressure and airway pressure, clearly and good-looking.
* PEEP and humidifier volume can be adjusted accurately.
* Alarm system with sound and light when no oxygen, poor of electric quantity or low airway positive pressure.
* Heated humidifier can be used for good effectiveness of humidifying.
* Accumulator jar, it can be used while being charged and can last for more than four hours.

Main Specifications
* Power supply: AC220V+22V 50HZ+1HZ Output power: <=28VA
* Frequency:10~150 breaths/min
* I/E ratio:1:1, 1:1.5, ~1:3 and inverse ratio
* Driving Pressure:0~60KPa
* Pressure Atomizer Rate:<=6ml/h
* Relative humidity: <=80% Temp: 5-400
* Process Ventilation: T=10min
Pro I:f(150) :f(35) =7:3
Pro II:f(35) :f(150) =7:3
* Storage Battery:4Ah, Automatic charge when 12V
* SIGH:6 breaths/min
* Alarm: Alarm when battery voltage is lower than 11V, alarm lasts 6 seconds if no oxygen. Alarm with audible signals
and flashing light when the airway pressure is over 0.8KPa
* CPAP:0~0.5KPa  PEEP:0~0.20KPa
* Oxygen Concentration Adjustable:21%~100%
* Jetting volume range:0~600ml/time
* Pressure Regulator Limit:0.2MPa
* Ventilation Mode: HFJV (High Frequency Jet Ventilation) , CPAP (Continuous positive airway pressure) , HFJV+PEEP (Positive End-Expiratory Pressure) , HFJV+SIGH (Sigh) , Process ventilation I and Process ventilation II.
* Volume: 175*295*315 Weight: 7 Kg
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Power Requirements
220V or 110V
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