Sell Concave-flat steel fiber

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BLSF0420; Length=20mm; Diameter=0.4mm
BLSF0520; Length=20mm; Diameter=0.5mm
BLSF0620; Length=20mm; Diameter=0.6mm
Tensile strength (mpa) =1000

1. Application:
a. Moulding concrete
Can apply all kinds of concrete project, such as Air-port, Tunneling , Dam, Road, Bridge and Fire-proof project etc.
b. Ejection Concrete.
Pretreatment of the wall of Tunneling, the Molding of The wall of Tunneling, Reinforcing treatment of the slope, Treatment of projection wall when mining, and repairing, reinforcing all kinds of concrete construction.

2 Technical advantages:
a. Improve mechanical performance of concrete:
b. Provide uniform distribution throughout concrete with excellent mixing
c. Prevent agglomerating by adopt correct mixing method
3. Economic benefits:
a. Can extend the using life of project
b. Can reduce the thickness of concrete and save the quantities of concrete under the same intensity
c. Can take place of steel totally or partially
d. Replace in concrete the traditional mesh reinforcement.
e. Can reduce the workload of project, Shorten the processing period, Save the cost of project