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Main parameters:
1) Charging Volume 560L
2) Discharging Volume 350L
3) Productivity ≥ 17m^3/h
4) Maximum size of Aggregate 60/40(detritus) mm
5) Pebble/Macadam
7) Rotational Speed 35r/min
8) Discharging Height 1500mm, 2700mm, 3800mm
9) Hoisting speed 18m/min
10) Total motor 15KW
11) Outline Size(LWH) 2850*2300*2680mm
12) Total Weight 3500kg
Major technical characteristic:
1. The simplest hydraulic system and operation essentials can be learnt easily in few minutes.

2. The stratiform colored layer can be fed with the simple horizontal twice material feeding system.

3. The pressing and vibration combined organically. The finished products have high density and excellent performance

4. The adaptability of raw material is good. Various waste dust and residues can be infiltrated and used to make medium-grade (or high-grade) concrete products with load-bearing or non load-bearing.

5. A machine is multi-purposes, by changing its mould , it can produce different specifications of cement products, such as hollow bricks, porous bricks, standard bricks, insulated bricks , sprig-grass bricks and pavement bricks.

6. Following the ISO9001 Quality Control System strictly to inspect each production procedure, ensuring the reliability and accuracy of each component.
7. With compact structure, simple operation, convenient maintenance, steady capacity, efficient and good practicability. This machine is suited for customers with small or medium amount of investment.
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