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CR. Conductive Pigment are bright conductive pigment and are primarily used for the permanent antistatic surface treatment of nonmetals.
***** electrical conductivity even at a lower addition level of pigments.
***** electrical conductivity even in the crosslinking system containing other pigments and fillers.
3. When mixed with other pigments, a colorful conductive coatings can be formulated.
4. High durability in conductivity of coating film.
5. DM-1 can be widely used in the industries of coatings, printing inks and plastics to expand the applications of these products and enhance the added-value of products.
Model Appearance Shape Particle size Specific resistance
CR.A Light gray powder Globular <=15m <=200(Ohms) cm
CR.M Light gray powder Flake <=255m <=200(Ohms) cm
CR.C Light gray powder Flake <=255m <=200(Ohms) cm

Excellent conductivity, bright color, easy dispersion, no dust, good heat resistance and stable chemical properties.