Sell Conductive filament, Anti-static filament, Twisted yarn (Gray&Black)

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Static electricity is usually caused when materials are rubbed together. The result is that objects may be attracted to each other or may even cause a spark to jump from one object to the other. Common examples of static electricity in action are static cling, flyaway hair and the sparks that can occur when you touch something.
Static electricity causes productivity, quality and safety problems throughout in industry and uncomfortable feel in your life. As a static electricity discharge it gives shocks to operators, starts fires and destroys electronic components.
To add 0.5% ~ 1.5% of conductive fiber in your textile, you can prevent the influence from static.

Conductive filaments twisted yarn for anti-static fabric,

Denier: 75 D, 100D, 120D, 300D. . .

1. Clean room fabric
2. Anti-static working wear
3. ESD Knitting fabric
4. Carpets
5. Anti-static conveyor belt
6. Home textile
7. Medical garment
8. Anti-Static Brush