Sell Conductive foams

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LYP conductive foams are fabricated by a novel proprietary process based on intrinsically conductive polymer composites with polyurethane foams. These new products on the ESD (electrostatic discharge) materials market are free of any graphite or carbon black.

There are two types, flexible foam (FF) and rigid foam (RF) , available.

The FF type provides good cushion packaging protection from shock and vibration for all types of static sensitive electronic devices or components.

The RF type has good "pin insertion" or "lead shunting" properties. When all leads or pins are inserted in the foam, electronic devices or components can be held securely in place without distortion of the leads or pins, and exposure to electrostatic discharge is minimized.

Compared with conventional carbon impregnated polyurethane foams, LYP conductive foams show a distinct improvement in cleanness, i. e. non-sloughing or non-particulating. They are also more controllable in resistivity. The RF type of the LYP conductive foams performs just like irradiation crosslinked polyethylene (IXPE) foams filled with carbon black, but at much lower cost. In addition, IXPE requires lamination process for thicker products, such as more than 1/4 inches in thickness. Having no limitation on thickness, LYP conductive foams can be provided in sheets, fabricated shapes, convoluted shapes and die cut parts.