Sell Connecting India - Getting Buyers  in India For Overseas Suppliers / Exporters

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Greetings from INDIA.
we are commission based ( NO RESULT - NO PAY BASIS) IMPORT/ EXPORT AGENT / Representative in India. we gernerate market/ buyers in India for overseas suppliers/ exporters.

Using the services of our agency is ALWAYS cost-effective as we strictly work on NO RESULT NO PAY BASIS.

You remain in complete control of any activities undertaken. However, we would remove from you the burden of investigating the market, finding SUPPLIERS/ BUYERS and setting up sales and you would incur no new overheads.

we being paid by you after you have received payment from the purchaser / Paid to seller.

This method of operation will allow you to sell/ Buy into an ever growing and expanding market like INDIA, without adding costs to your business.

Naturally as your Agent, we would specify whatever payment method by the purchaser your Bank advises.

Best of luck and best of trade with INDIA.