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HBTS series concrete pump
The concrete pumps are our corporation proper motion develop empolder concrete pump, they possess hereinafter main feature.
1. Hydraulics is electric-hydraulic control commutation and the system is simple low failure rate it can select import or domestic product hydraulic element by customer requirements.
2. Of the circuit high pressure small quantity and low pressure large quantity amphi-mean of delivery.
3. With the function of crawl advance and crawl fallback.
It was perfect concrete transporting equipment, it extensively use to water conservancy, electric power, railway, highway, tunnel, bridge culvert, port, mine, high-rise, defense power engineering etc; it is economical and practical and can ensure the concrete cast quality.
The main oil pump adopts Rexroths A11vLo190-260 variable displacement pump made in Germany.
Central lubricating system. All the HBT series concrete pump use central lubricating system.
Logic-block. It adopts originally imported units to make the concrete flow continuously and uninterruptedly.
The valve box is whole founded which has good steel, high-resistance no dead angle. The mixing equipment is simple and efficient, which increase the suction efficient of concrete pump.
HBTD series concrete pump
Optimum design of this series concrete pump, the charging hoppers geometry angle exceed large mixing blade and rational blade angle, all of these increase the suction efficiency of concrete pump by leaps and bounds.
Hydraulics adopt the component element from Rexroth Electric-hydraulic control, both easy and simple to handle, smooth performance shake and noise all are on the small side possess perfect electricity-hydraulic overload protection and meter display system.
Advanced integration electric control unit. Control circuit adopts the programmable controller from Omron Corporation. The rest electric appliance component element partly adopt import component element large logical control was finished by programmable controller, it simplify circuit and increased the performance and reliability of the electric system.
Thereinto HBT60-06-66 and HBT60-09-90 concrete pump have high-low switch function; according to construction; through adjusting the output volume and pressure of concrete, saving-energy is achieved.
The equipment is widely used for water works, electric power, railway, highway, tunnel, bridge, harbor, mine, high building and national defense work, it is economic and applied and can guarantee the poering quality and it is a set of perfect equipment.
Advanced integration electric control unit.
Controller circuit adopts the programmable controller form Omron Corporation. The rest electric appliance component. Partly adopt import component.
The hydraulic system adopts imported or homemade units; the operation of the electric-hydraulic control is simple; the running is stable with low vibration and noise.

HZS Series Concrete Mixing Plant
Thousands of concrete mixing plants manufactured by our company turn out hundreds of thousand m3concetes everyday at home and abroad with the output from 25 m3/h to 180 m3/h and they have varieties of discharging height.
Through our continuous research and test, our products improved rapidly. It is applicable to commercial concrete or all sorts of engineering sites and precasting yards and it can meet the future requirement of the concrete industry. Our HZS series concrete mixing plant provide the best service for its consumers depending on its first-class quality and advanced design idea. With high quality parts supply and rich strength after service, it insures us taking up the leading station in the concrete mixing plant manufacturers of china.

JS4000 Double Horizontal-axle forced mixer
JS4000 Double Horizontal-axle forced mixer absorbs the international advanced technology. Its comprehensive performance attains domestic leading level. It is adopted screwy gear planet reducer drive and the high-speed side is connected through then-thousand direction axles so that the double axles is realized to run synchronously, the dynamic pump supplies oil centrally and hydraulic discharge. It is applicable to the industrial and civil building project department such as various kinds of precasting structure plant, water work, highway and bridges for mixing dry hard cement, floating cement, light concrete and every kind of mortars it can be batched with various of cement process flow. The design of the machine is advanced with the character of reasonable structure, reliable working performance, good mixing quality, short mixing time, low waste and small noise. The liners and mixing blades are both adopted hard & tenacious wearing alloy cast iron with long usage life.
Easy operation
The whole system uses computer uses computer control, which can be controlled automatically and manually with easy operation and control. Dynamic panel display makes you learn the running status of each part and the date can be stored and printed.
Excellent environment protection
All powder materials are treated under enclosed condition from feeding, matching, measuring, adding, to mixing and discharging. The house-type mixing plant and the material belt conveyer of the totally-enclosed structure have greatly reduced environmental pollution resulted for power and noise.
Good mixing property
The mixing system uses dual horizontal shaft forced mixing system featured as strong mixing property and uniform and fast mixing, and high productivity, which will result in good mixing for dry, hard plastic and other matching concrete.
Accurate measurement
No matter the aggregate or powder are measured by computer, whose control parts are all imported by computer, whose control parts are all imported one. The sampling speed of 400 times per second to ensure the accurate and stable working condition.
High reliability
The mixing back block and fans are processed through special treatment and the unique shaft end support and sealing type have greatly increased the life of the main system. Major electrical components of the control system are imported which have greatly reduced trouble possibility of the equipment.
Full industrial design
Industrial design is carried out throughout the entire designing process, in which man-machine engineering and aesthetics are organically incorporated to make the whole system in elegant shape, well laid out structure and beautiful color. The design contains aesthetic sense, reflects art appearance. It is more comfortable to operate, and easier to repair. The strict logical thinking, deep concept of design, well-considered man-machine engineering and accurate design are guarantee of the outstanding product.
Convenient transition installation
The entire structure is module type. The batcher, belt conveyer, main mixing station, screw conveyer and powder container are all independent parts. The main mixing station is made up of several independent modules, which are easily and quickly disassembled, assemble and shipped when in transition.
Good maintenance
Each part for maintenance has stairs or ladder, visible and enough operation space. There are two cleaning facilities of the main system, pump washing and manual washing, which can be operated at the same time. The house shape ensures all operations can be done in any kind of weather.
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