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series AC vacuum contactor is designed for long-distance making and breaking
of circuit, frequency starting and controlling of AC motors in the power systems, with AC 50Hz-60Hz and rated operating voltage of 1,140V. It also can be formed with thermal relay and all kinds of protection apparatus like electromagnetic starter, especially applied to explosion electromagnetic starter and all sorts of power control equipment. It may be applied to the departments of mining, metallurgy, petroleum, chemical industry, power, communication transportations, shipping, and architecture.
Applicable standards:
1) National standard: B/T14048.1, GB14048.4, JB/T7122
2) National standard: IEC 60947-4-1
Normal working and installation conditions:
1) Ambient temperature: -5~400C
2) Average temperature: <=350C in 24 hours
3) Relative humidity: <=50%, at max. 200C (<=90%)
4) Altitude: <=2,000m
5) Class of pollution: Class 3
6) Places without fire, explosion, corrosion and serious shake
7) The inclined angle between the mounting surface and vertical surface: <=15