Sell Continuous Ink Supply System for Epson

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Welcome to Uranustar, we are able to offer CISS for Epson, HP and Canon. Please feel free to contact us for the newest price information!

1) Epson CISS which is more convenient to your work
2) We currently can offer below items of Epson CISS:

a) Four Color Connected, for printer:
Epson C60/C61/CX3100
Epson C62/CX3200
Epson ME1/ME100
Epson 400/600
Epson 440/460/640/660/670
Epson 680/777/777i
Epson 740/760/860/1160
Epson 800/850/1520

b) Four Color Separated, for printer:
Epson C67/CX3700/C87/CX4700
Epson C63/C65/C83/CX3500/CX4500
Epson C64/C66/C84/C86/CX6400/CX6600
Epson C70/C80
Epson C82/CX5200/CX5400
Epson D68/D88
Epson RX420/RX425
Epson RX430
Epson 4800

c) Six Color Connected, for printer:
Epson EX3/720/750
Epson 700
Epson 780/790/870/890/895/915
Epson 810/830U/830/925/935
Epson 1270/1280/1290

d) Six Color Separated, for Printer:
Epson R200
Epson R220/R300/RX500/RX600
Epson R210
Epson R230/R310/R350/RX510

e) Seven Color, for Printer:
Epson 950 / 960

f) Eight Color, for Printer:
Epson R800/R1800
Epson 2100/2200
Epson R2400 (9 ink crtridge)
Condition of Goods
Lead Time from Order to Shipment
15 days
Minimum Order Quantity
50 sets
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