Sell Control Keyboard (KB-2000)

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1. offers 5 different protocols
2. can set up as Master and Slave keyboard; max. up to
4 keyboard to enable the function of the multi-control system.
3. with 2-axis and 3-axis joystick
4. built-in to be able to connect up to 16 pieces
of multiplexer and DVR
5. be able to control ZOOM IN/OUT , FOCUS NEAR / FAR,
IRIS OPEN/CLOSE of camera lens
6. be able to setup the Menu of Speed Dome Camera
and Multiplexer
7. be able to setup and call the Preset Points, Preset Tour,
Auto Pan, Patrol Learn functions etc.
8. built-in with LCD screen
9. be able to connect up to 255 pieces of Speed Dome camera
10. max. control distance up to 1200 meters