Sell Control Valve

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1) More reliable way of opening and close

2) Manual function

3) Keyboard l degrees Centigrade ked function

4) It adopts LED dynamic colorful screen

5) Prompt power cut secularly

6) No coming water while single pot type control valve


7) Two kinds of counted modes for running (by day or hour)

8) Having output signal connector

Technical Parameter:

1) Water Inlet/Outlet: 1"M

2) Drain: 1/2"M

3) Rinse Pipe: 1.05"OD

4) Base: 2-1/2" 8NPSM

5) Brine Tank Connection: 3/8"M

5) Water Capacity: 4.5t/h

6) Tank Diameter Range for Softens: 6"-18"

7) Tank Diameter Range for Filters: 6"-12"

Design parameters:

1) Controller model: Time type / Down-flow

2) Suited pressure: 0.1 - 0.6MPa

3) Transformer input: 80~240V / 50~60Hz

4) Suited water temperature: 5-45 degrees Centigrade

Range of Application:

1) Household purify, soften system.

2) Boiler softening water system.

3) Ro pre-treatment system.

4) Swimming pool filters equipment.

5) Ion exchange equipment.