Sell Control and Signaling Devices Ø 22.5 mm

Control and Signaling Devices Ø 22.5 mm You May Also Be Interested In: bezels pilot lights
Push Buttons , Selector Switches , Luminous Selector Switches , Luminous Switches &
Pilot Lights with Bulb & with LED are available in chrome plated metal bezels

Contact Elements are double break type and have self wiping action . The elements are
interchangeable and can be stacked without additional hardware . 1 to 6 elements (NO or
NC) with push buttons . Selector switches and 1 or 2 elements (NO or NC) with
illuminated switches .
Pilot Lights and illuminated switch are suitable for direct supply through series resistor
using bayonet cap filament Bulb (Type BA9S) for direct supply without resistor 6V -130 V
for supply with series Resistor 12 V - 130 V . The Pilot lights are also available with LED in
different versions