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Cooker / Range Hoods - Canopies - Stainless Steel -  Automatic - Designer Models - European Quality - Competitive Price You May Also Be Interested In: canopies cooker hoods fitted kitchen neon lights range hoods
We produce a comprehensive range of stainless steel sinks with new models continually being researched and produced. PONGA, LEVEL and Revolution are the brand names of our Cooking Hoods. These will create a superb centrepiece in any style of fitted kitchen. A brief description of these hoods are presented here. Dont forget to see the attachments to visualise the products.

LEVEL Basic is the state of art, silent hood that would give an aesthetic look to the fitted kitchen. All our hoods sucks the smoke from corners, make sure that no smoke is escaped. This is new technology we have introduced and is gaining popularity all over. These hoods does come with stainless steel filers which is very easy to dismantle and could be washed in a dishwasher or by hand. It does have neon lights to give a glittering look to your kitchen. The sucking power have been programmed into 4 range and is provided as four buttons. So you can choose dynamically from these 4 ranges. The motor can be customized to your locality requirements. The design of the canopy is also customisable which would better fit in your market. Just you have to give us the specification or model, we have it for you.

The LEVEL Revolution model has a special feature of moving up and down. So you can adjust the height of the canopy too by just pressing a button. The other features are same as that of the LEVEL Basic. Both can come as island or wall mounted canopies. These two canopies require the channel to route the filtered air out of kitchen. So if your customers kitchen is small and would like to fit the canopy anywhere in the kitchen we have the solution for that.

PONGA is a revolution in Cooking hood technology. It has got a Active Carbonated Filter that sucks the smoke and passes out the fresh air. So you dont require any channel to route the air out of the kitchen . The fresh air from this hood is been tested and is absolutely in acceptable range. This also contains two electrical connection points. The design is made in such a way that anybody can dismantle the hood and take out the Active Carbonated Filter to wash it. This Hood is also customisable according to your local market requirements.
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PONGA Series, LEVEL Series
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230 V, 50 Hz
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