Sell Cool Bag For Breast Milk

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1, Storage Capacity: May contain 4 milk-bottles which is for 120ml
2, The save time: I am nasty to freeze more than 4 hour inside refrigerator or cold cabinet (-10 0)
3, Refrigerate time: Indoor temperature (25 0) environment bottom, the low temperature refrigerates time for 10 hours
Method of application:
1, Place the ice box in the ice bag in advance nasty freeze more than 4 hour in the refrigerator, through full save cold after, take out conduct and actions to refrigerate to lie a quality usage
2, Will prosperous there is the milk bottle of milk liquid to change to pack to seal completely a bottle of cover up, the puts behind tightly into pull up the ice bag cover inside ice bag, can carry on refrigerating to protect then fresh
3, The ice bag can put into 4 milk bottles of 120 ml, satisfying to store to save the female milk that a day measures, and easy to take
4, Should consider to move to send to refrigerate inside refrigerator while placing at the female milk in the ice bag over 10 hours, if needing to continue to store to save