Sell Cooler & Warmer (TC-18) New!!!

Cooler & Warmer (TC-18) New!!!
1. Cools to 20C-25C below ambient temperature
2. Warms to+65C by set-point thermostat
Character of Structure and Parameter:
1. Hot/Cold, On/Off switch
2. Red/Green lighter indicate warming or cooling
3. Heat dissipation to outside by fan with long life brushless motor (30,000 hours) , no noisy and without CFC
4. Convenient-plug into any 12 volt cigarette lighter in car, boat or plug into safe AC adapter indoors
5. Adjustable strap and light weight make carrying easy
6. Full polyurethane-foam lining make light weight
7. Capacity. 18 liters/Even 1.5 liter bottle can stand upright
8. Operates on DC 12v. DC12/24v optional, AC 220-240 optional
9. Power consumption 72 watts
10. External dimensions W520*H410*D340 mm, internal dimensions W584*H354*D310, Weight: 5.0 kg