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Product: atomizing cooling fanner
Principle: Spray fanner adopts advanced centrifugal type two-time atomizing principle to achieve tiny water fog drop under the effect of rotary plate and fog drop dispersing device. Fog drop greatly accelerates water evaporation by the airflow blown out by strong fanner, absorb heat and reduce temperature during water evaporation and meanwhile increases relative air humidity and decrease dust.

Specification: because of centrifugal type atomizing design, there is no need of spray nozzle and water filtering apparatus. With low noise, atomizing degree can be adjusted at discretion.

Spray nozzle and air transmission are driven by independent motor and it is simple and convenient in use and maintenance. The surface of fanner is spray coated by adopting fine powder with good antirust performance and structural durability.

Motor adopts low temperature design with features such as stable performance, long operating time and strong overload capacity.

Water pump is furnished with protective device to avoid burning water pump when water inside water tank is used up; It can swing its head at 90 degree with three-gear speed adjustment.

Waterproof electrical design can ensure safety operation. Pushcart is furnished to make it easier for the fanner to move round. Adoption of CAD optimized design brings attractive appearance.
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