Sell Copper Cathode

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We have 10000 tons per month Copper Cathode for serious buyers and end users.

Please contact us for Price Specifications and terms.

SPECIFICATIONS: Copper (Cu) 99.99%.

Oxygen O2 0
Sulfur S 4 PPM
Iron Fe 2 PPM
Silver Ag 10 PPM
Lead Pb 0.2 PPM
Nickel Ni 0.2 PPM
Selenium Se 0.3 PPM
Antimony Sb 0.1 PPM
Silica Si 0.3 PPM
Cobalt Co 0.2 PPM
Arsenic As 0.1 PPM
Bismuth Bi 0.1 PPM
Manganese Mn 0.1 PPM
Tellurium Te 0.05 PPM
Aluminium Al 0.5 PPM
Magnesium Mg 0.4 PPM
Zinc Zn 0.4 PPM