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manufacture and offer full range of copper clad laminates, prepreg bonding materials, epoxy substrates, stiffener and coverlay etc. .

Offer of Copper Clad Laminates
XPC; FR-1/2, FR-4&G10; FR5&G11; CEM-1/3; 22F

Property: For the fabrication of wide variety of printed circuit board (PCB) applications.

Sheet Size(mm2) : 1020 x 1220mm

Thickness and Tolerance(mm) : 0.610.07 0.810.09 1.010.11 1.610.14 2.010.15

Fr4 are made by Alkali woven glass fabric impregnated in epoxy resin, then prepreg made by drying and then hot pressed with copper foils. The products possess the characteristic of high mechanical strength, outstanding electrical property and high precise size.
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