Sell Copper Foil EMI shielding Tape non conductive

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Features Specifications: Copper-Plastic-Copper Film Tape
Foil (CU) + Film + Foil (CU) Tape

Typically used to wrap and shield multi-pair process control, computer and instrumentation cables such as Coaxial CATV cables, LAN cables and HDMI cables.

Constructions: Copper foil + PET film + Copper foil Double-sided CU Shielding Tapes
I D: 51mm, 76mm (paper or plastic core) optionally
Colors: Nature (silver) , blue, gold.
Pink and other colors on request
Minimum slitting width: 5mm
Delivery alternatives: Pads (reels) and spools (bobbins)

Specifications and Characteristics:
Copper foil adhesive tape backed liner for sealing and wrapping
Conductive copper foil adhesive tape used for EMI shielding
Backing: Copper foil: 18-50mic
Width: 5mm-370mm
Length is up to you

* All products are manufactured under ISO standards and RoHS compliant.
* The data presented here is for standard reference only.
* Specific test methods and custom specification are available upon request.

* Variety of colors is available for identification