Sell Copper Nickel Alloy Wire and Nickel Silver Wire

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ASTM/CDA Standard: C75200, C76400, C75400, C76200, C76000, C74500, MONEL, C70600.
DIN Standard: CuNi25Zn18, CuNi22Zn18, CuNi18Zn20, CuNi25Zn20, CuNi12Zn25, CuNi10Zn25.

Specification: 1.0-20.0mm of various sections and specifications.

Performances: With high performances in cutting & drilling, high strength, high resistance to corrosion, High elasticity and good welding performance.

Application: Used in accessories in clocks and watches, spectacle fittings, dial plate, etc.

HS Code: 74082200
Trademark: PW
Standard: ASTM, CDA, DIN, JIS, QB
Productivity of 2008 year: 55,000 MT/Year
Origin: Ningbo, China
Company: Ningbo Powerway Group Co. , Ltd.