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Copper Ore

Date: May 3rd, 2008

Commodity: Copper Ore 25% Rejection 24%
Origin: Chile


Test TM Expected Guaranteed Rejection
Cu ASTM 25% MIN 24% MIN 24% MIN
Ag ASTM 0.012%(Max) 0.012%(Max) 0.012%(Max)
Zn ASTM 1.0% (Max) 1.0% (Max) 1.0% (Max)
S ASTM 4.1% (Max) 4.1% (Max) 4.1% (Max)
Bi ASTM 0.2% (Max) 0.2% (Max) 0.2% (Max)
Pb ASTM 0.2% (Max) 0.2% (Max) 0.2% (Max)
Hg ASTM 0.005% (Max) 0.005%(Max) 0.005%(Max)
Cd ASTM 0.04% (Max) 0.04% (Max) 0.04% (Max)
F ASTM 0.05% (Max) 0.05% (Max) 0.05% (Max)

Moisture content Free moisture loss at 105 degree Centigrade shall not exceed 1%.
Size: 0-10mm
Colour: Greenish Brown
Quantity: 50.000 MT per month x 12 Months

Shipments: Vessels up to max 50K MT

Price: US$750.00 per MT FOB Mother Vessels

Port: Caldera Port Chile

Payment terms:

 T/T once seller presents all the shipping documents + inspection reports for quality and quantity to the bank, after loading within 7 banking days.
Performance bond: NO performance bond for order at FOB, because there is no guarantee also from buyer.

Packing: Bulk by ship

Inspection certificate will be provide.

Delivery schedule: 40-45 days after contract is signed.

All documents will be provide such us licenses for excavation, license for export, AQSIQ, Inspection reports Certificates for Quality and Quantity, etc


1. Seller (mandate) presents soft offer (this document)
2. Buyer presents to seller LOI with SOFT PROBE + BCL.
3. Seller issues the draft contract.
4. The contract is signed.
5. Seller issued POP not via bank. If buyer needs POP via bank, they will need to issue POF via bank first.
6. Shipments are made according to the schedule outlined in the contract.


1) BCL is mandatory, No BCL no deal

LOI/ICPO must be issue to Itar SA- Att: Mr. Cobos Pablo

Validity of the offer 1 Week.