Sell Copper Powder Cu63 Cu65

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Electrolytic highly dispersed copper powder. The chemical formula Cu63 and Cu65. Production is made from chemically pure copper. Powder are stabilized in argon gas. Packaging 4 kg amp. Chemical Cleanliness 99,999. Analyzed at Institut Giredmet. Isotope Concentration of percentage at Cu63 > 69.09 Cu65 > 30.91 Chemical purity grade is 99.995% based on metallic impurities
99.999% based on the impurities of Mg, Al, Ti, Fe, Ni, Zn, Mo, Cd, Sb
Brand Name
Copper Powder
Supply Capacity
1000 Per Month
Cu63 Cu65
Lead Time from Order to Shipment
45 Days
Minimum Order Quantity
200 Kg
Terms of Payment
C/D, L/C
1 MT More Available