Sell Copper Rod Production Line

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This production line is used to produce glossy, low-oxygen copper rod in diameter of 8.0mm.

1. 1800mm Continuous rolling machine
2. Roller shears
3. Straightener & burr shaver
4. De-phosphorizing unit
5. Continuous rolling machine
6. Oil lubrication system
7. Cooling emulsion system
8. Cooling, reduction and coiler
9. Electrical control system

Main Technical Data
1. Diameter of crystallizing wheel: 1800mm
2. Type of casting machine: 6-wheel
3. Cross section area: 2000 square mm
4. Type of rolling: Two-roller type plus three-roller arrangement
5. Number of rolling stands: 12
6. Nominal diameter: 250mm
7. Outlet diameter: 8.0mm
8. Max. Final speed: 8.15 mps
9. Output: 13tph
10. Motor power: 400kW
11. Coiling type: Coiler
12. Coil diameter: 1250mm
13. Bundled diameter: 1650mm
14. Max. Coling weight: 5 t