Sell Copper Wire Crusher

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 Separation Methods of Copper Wire Crusher:
1. Dry-type copper-wire crusher: The so-called dry-type copper-wire crusher uses a separation method without adding water during separating and selecting process. This kind of copper-wire crusher uses the machine with an environment-friendly separation method, such as air flow separator, air shaking table or electrostatic separator. The main technological process is: crushing-air flow separating and selecting-(electrostatic separation) -dust collection (electrostatic separation rarely used on copper-wire crusher now) .
2. Wet-type separation: The wet-type separation is a relatively traditional method. This separation method is mainly from mineral separation. For wet-type separation, the gravity shaking separation is mainly used. Its technological process is: crushing (adding water) -gravity shaking separation (adding water) . Since water is used during this process of production, in general, it causes little secondary pollution to the environment. But miscellaneous wires, plug cord and woolen yarn could be recovered effectively, so this method is widely used.